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Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery
Tashi-Ling Tibetan Settlement
P.O. Box 221
Chhorepatan, Pokhara

tel.: 0977 061 20995
fax: 0977 061 30095

Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery was established in Western Tibet by Drogon Kundup Sherab. Drogon Kundup Sherab, who was an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, was born in Lhagthang Menchu in Western Tibet. His father's name was Chagthang Lhagonpa. Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery was a great center of Buddhist learning of the Gelug tradition from the time of the VIIth Dalai Lama Kalsang Gyatso, and has since been under the abbotship of the lineage of high Gyuto Tantric University Lamas. Tibetan King, Gaden Tsewang, entrusted the monastery with the formidable task of being the source of spiritual protection and blessings for the neighbouring Mongolians.

Ven. Tulku Lobsang Jamyang Lekshe Gyaltsen Rinpoche was born on the 4th of June 1940 in Western Tibet. He was recognized as the reincarnation of Lopon Jigje, and enthroned at the Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery at the age of 7. Lopon Jigje is the incarnation lineage of Drogon Kundup Sherab, the founder of Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery. Tulku Lobsang Jamyang completed his studies at the Sera Mey Monastery, and at the Gyuto Tantric University. In 1984, as per the wishes of His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso the XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet and the Tibetan Council of Religious Affairs, he re-established Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery in Tashi-Ling Tibetan Settlement in Pokhara, Nepal. One of the main objects of worship in the monastery is the thangka of Vajra Bhairava done with blood from the Dalai Lama's nose.


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